The Light’s There, Sometimes it’s Just Hard to See

I’ve been struggling lately. The ups and downs of solopreneurship I was told so much about going into this have been in full swing this last week or two. And I mean full swing — I feel like I’ve been going from over-the-moon excited and seeing the possibilities for the future to depressed and feeling like a complete failure (before I’ve even truly begun) in the time it takes me to brush my teeth.

And then back.

And then back again.

To say I’ve been on a roller coaster would not only be laughably cliché, it would be completely true. Isn’t that why clichés are clichés — because they’re true?

But I digress.

I spent most of Monday in a funk. I couldn’t quite shake it; even the fact that I was starting rehearsals that night for Mary Poppins wasn’t getting me that excited.

Then yesterday I snapped out of it and got some major work done on my current project. I spent the majority of the day mind-mapping the products that will eventually go into this new guitar system I’m working on. I felt great! Super productive and back to seeing how this will all work.

It’s amazing. Just getting everything out into the mind map, I can see how easy it will be to turn these into full-fledged products. My current idea is a combination of eBooks and supplemental videos, and I think it’ll be relatively easy to fill in the blanks and crank these out.

Today, I’ve realized I’ve yet again neglected this blog for the last week or so, so I wanted to get a quick check-in done. I’m working to prioritize everything, but I’ve been putting the blog off because I’ve been feeling guilty when I’m not working on the guitar project. I need to continue to make this blog a priority and share with you my progress on the other project(s).

So, I put Songs in the Key of Life on the box and started writing. Stevie always makes me happy. I woke up feeling good today, but I wanted to keep the stoke going while I wrote and then move on to studying and working on my products again later.

I guess I’m just writing this to get it out. To let myself know that it’s all going to work. To hopefully let anybody else who’s doing the same type of work I’m doing that’s reading this that they’re not the only one feeling this way. Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s there.


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