About This Blog

I’m starting this blog here in September of 2015 because I need a place to get it all out; I need a place to hold myself accountable. My name is PJ Bovee, and I am a musician and entrepreneur.

You see, I’m relatively new to this whole Internet Entrepreneur game. It’s something I’ve been interested in and lightly dabbled in for years, but I decided to finally take the plunge and leave my day job at a well-known educational music publisher a few months ago and focus on making my life my own. My goal is to create great sources of passive income for myself so I can live the life I want, pursue my dreams, and gig as much as I want without having to rely on every call that comes along to make a living. I love playing and I always want to play, but I don’t want to have to stress about when the next gig is and how much it pays just to survive. I want the creativity and the joy to come first.

So, my PJ Bovee blog will be a place for me to write about my process, my feelings, my struggles, and successes while being an entrepreneur and musician. So far, one of my biggest struggles working for myself has been accountability — I have no one checking in on me and I have no one around me on a constant basis to bounce ideas off, collaborate with, or talk shop with. Sure, there’s the internet and, of course, my fiancé, friends, and family. I even have a few friends who are doing very similar work that I can lean on sometimes. The truth for me so far, though, is that when you’re in it and you’re alone, it’s a lot different than I expected. Here are a few specific goals for this blog:

Something Tangible

I have projects in the works, which I explain here. What I’m finding with a lot of these projects, however, is that I can work for hours and hours and hours, but feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I know, deep down, that I have and that I’m at the stage in these projects where it’s just putting the puzzle pieces together and it will all come together later. It’s a little draining to do that, though, so the PJ Bovee blog will give me something that I can work on frequently and see results … see something up online where I can say, “Hey! I made that!”

A Place to Connect

One of my current work and life goals is to connect with people more. This isn’t about not having friends — this is about connecting with friends that I’ve lost touch with and connecting more with friends who do the type of work I’m trying to do. Additionally, I hope to meet new people with the PJ Bovee blog. New friends are always welcome; new entrepreneur friends are definitely welcome — hopefully I can learn something from you, and maybe, just maybe I’ll inspire a few people out there who are looking to do the same.

A Place to Share

I want to share everything. Let’s be honest — I’m a talkative dude. I’m sure that, over time, there will be plenty of posts up here that aren’t completely, necessarily related to entrepreneurship or music/musicianship, but I think having a creative outlet is a good thing, and something I’ve missed since shutting down my first blog a couple years ago. Additionally, I plan to be completely transparent on the PJ Bovee blog about everything I’m doing online. A huge inspiration to me is Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog. If you don’t know him, check him out! He shares everything, and I mean everything — from his processes and how he builds sites and products, to his income every month, and everything in between. I plan to take a page out of his book and be, myself, an open book.

So, please join me for the ride. It’s been an interesting couple of months so far, but I know I’m just getting started.