Product Launch Coming Soon (ish)


I apologize for the radio silence over the past several weeks. I’ve been focusing on my projects, had a show going, and have been doing more Uber in addition to starting to work for Postmates, so I put the blog on the backburner.

Just a quick update for today

I went with my gut and decided to go with a guitar product as my first product. I’ve spent the last weeks building the product — outlining, writing, designing, and building everything from scratch. To have as little overhead as possible on this first one, I’m doing everything myself (no outsourcing), except for a friend or two and my fiancé helping edit.

I’ve been continuing in the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy to help me along the way. I’m working on the upsells and special offers and I’m pretty excited about what I’ve come up with.

This will be the true test

I’ve decided to launch my product on December 15th. This will be a massive undertaking and I’ll be working like crazy between now and then. Barring any crazy circumstances, I WILL launch on December 15th. Hold me to it!

The next five weeks are going to be nutty, but I’m hoping it will all pay off.

I will keep you posted as I keep going and share more details as we get closer to the launch date.

Keeping the sky in my head (thanks to my old friend Peter Sprague for that saying) and hoping you do the same.


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