Quick Update 2/29/16: Making Leaps on Leap Day

Not sure why I chose the corniest of all titles today, but it just felt so right.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to get everything done for the book by March 8th. I won’t be launching that day because I’ll need a couple/few weeks to reach out to affiliates and polish up some back end stuff, but I want to have everything related to the product and website done by then. That means that, starting this morning, I’ve kicked it into overdrive. I’d like to pre-thank my supporting players, Alpha Brain and caffeine (fresh pots!), for their huge supporting rolls in this endeavor.

I spent the majority of my day today working on my sales page. The letter’s been written for a while and it’s all about making it look pretty on the interwebs now. If you remember, I was originally trying to build my sales page using Wix.com. Well, it turns out that’s not going to work for me…

You see, in order to use their service, you have to host through them. I wasn’t into doing that since I have my own hosting through HostGator (the one I just upgraded, even), so I had to give up all the work I’ve done over there and start again with WordPress. I should have done my due diligence and discovered this before working on the page, but when I first clicked around, there was a button for linking it with your domain so I just figured that more or less meant transferring it over to your own hosting.

Bummer that I had to re-do a bunch of work, but it’s all good. I was able to find a simple theme and do a moderate amount of CSS tweaking to get the look I’m going for.

I’m super close to being done. I think all I need now is one or two more pictures and to figure out the spacing for the last two paragraphs and I’m set.

On to the second part of my day…

Did I mention I had a Rover dog to walk today? I actually have her 4 days a week, and it’s — for now — a nice way to take a break and get outside during the day.

The sales page work sandwiched the Rover walk, and then my wife got home around 5. Before she left to work out, she helped me take a bunch of pictures for one of my bonuses. We have 3-4 more pictures to take, and then I’ll be able to edit them and drop them into the bonus tomorrow. It’s mostly written already, so dropping the images in and making a few tweaks should get me over that finish line.

That’s the news for today.

Thanks for reading! I’m going to cook dinner, eat said dinner, and then do some work on the images for the bonus.


Oh! And a big P.S.

There’s a certain shopping link (A mAssive internet retAiler) on the right side of my blog that has been seeing a little action lately. To those of you that use it, THANK YOU! To those of you that don’t, START!

Kidding aside, I’d actually be truly grateful if you’d give it a click before doing your shopping. I know there’s a lot of blogs and podcasts that you may be supporting using that type of link, but if you could throw mine in the mix once in a while, I’d be super appreciative.

It costs you nothing extra and every little bit helps!

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