Quick Update 2/24/16: The Seemingly Never-ending Battle with Hosting

That title may be a little dramatic, but today was, indeed, a day full of technology blunders and a battle with hosting.

The good news is, I think I’ve got it all squared away.

The bad news? I didn’t get quite as many things finished up today as I planned. I did, however, get the main things I wanted to get done and a couple secondary tasks, to boot. And that, my friends, means progress.

I think it’s the nature of the beast when working on your own and not outsourcing anything. Something is always coming up. There’s always a “fire” to put out. Woe is me; woe is me.

Joking aside, I was thinking on this a lot yesterday and it makes me really look forward to the day when I can outsource parts of my business. Right now, I’m trying to be as low-budget as I can about this, and that means doing everything myself — from the tech side to the content side. Someday, when I’m making some dough, I’ll be able to hire someone to take care of the nitty-gritty so I can focus strictly on content and the vision of my business.

What’s funny, though, is that I actually enjoy the tech side of the business. I know, however, that my time is much (MUCH) better spent on the big picture stuff and when the day comes that I can outsource some of that, it’ll be the day that I can really take my business to the next level. Not having to battle with hosting, sit and wait for a live chat person, or scour the resource guides and forums will be a dream come true.

Now, I’m also working on two other things right now.

These aren’t tangible things, but they are mental/psychological.

One is to not let the things like fighting with machines get to me. It’s all a process and there are easier days ahead.

The other is to not think so much about those easier days ahead and just focus on what I have to do now. This is easier said than done and I fully believe in visualizing and thinking positively, but I’m trying to set aside a time for that each day so I don’t get sidetracked daydreaming. I need to be spending my time working on what I can, not dreaming of how it’ll be easier some day.

The only way it’ll be easier is by doing that hard stuff now.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too melancholy. I’m actually feeling pretty good about today, especially with how much I got done despite the battle with hosting.

Oh, and I feel like I said “things” and “stuff” a lot in this post. Deal with it. 🙂

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