The Day I Started a Vlog!

Hey everyone!

I’m super excited to share my new vlog with you. It’s something I’ve been into for quite some time and finally started playing with it yesterday. I was planning on just practicing all week and then debuting this weekend with our trip to Big Bear to play at the Arts Festival, but I was so inspired and stoked at how this first edit came out that I decided to launch a little early.

Let me know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to make sure you never miss one!

2 Replies to “The Day I Started a Vlog!”

  1. Great launch! But where’s Walter? You dudes came up the stairs together and unlocked the door, but then you came through the door alone. And funny you forgot to film at lunch, because as Kathy and I were driving away, she realized that we forgot to take a picture. Back to Lil’ Farmers. Take two with the new camera! (Oops — there goes Walter. Cool.)

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