My First Week in the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy

Remember how I told you I was in talks to possibly sign up for Alex Jeffreys to be my mentor and that I’d tell you about it soon? Well, now I’m telling you about it.

After a couple of phone calls and doing a little research, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I joined the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy. This was not cheap at $1,500, but it was much more affordable than I thought it was going to be. The investment I made on this was a serious one for me, but — like I mentioned in that other post — it isn’t nearly as bad as if I were opening a restaurant.

Here are my thoughts on the first week in the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy

Going in, it was a lot different than I expected. After going through several modules of The Internet Marketing System with Ken Spano, I was expecting something with tiny, small, actionable tasks to sink my teeth into. The Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy is not like this. The first section is the “Getting Started” section and it’s a bunch of videos that hover around the 2 hour mark (some a little less, some a little more).

After going through two of them, I was a little frustrated and concerned for what I had gotten myself into. At that point, nothing felt actionable and it seemed like all background (most of this information was stuff I already knew since I had been learning about Internet Marketing for a long time).

So, I sat there and spun my wheels, getting angrier in the process. I finally decided to check in with the private Facebook group to see if I was missing something. I was pretty sure that these videos were only that way because they were the “Getting Started” videos and that the actionable content would start in the next section, but I was frustrated and I wanted to hear it for sure.

Never before have I felt so welcomed and supported by complete strangers. The folks in the private Facebook group are amazing! Everybody assured me that I would be getting my hands dirty soon and to just sit back, let it all sink in, and enjoy the ride. I knew, deep down, that this was the case, but I just needed to hear it from someone. And I heard it from a lot of people — many of whom said they were in the exact same boat as me when they started. Someone even shared a tip to download the videos and watch them at a faster speed, so that’s what I’ve been doing (watching at around 1.8x) and it’s made a huge difference.

Alex himself wrote to me a few times in the Facebook group, as well, and his direct support and encouragement was just what I needed. It made me realize I made the right choice in this investment and that he’d be there for me for the long haul.

Ok, on I went watching more of the videos and my inspiration grew with each one. Last Thursday, I had my first call with Alex and everyone. I didn’t have any questions prepared for this one since I was brand new, but it was great to learn how the calls were structured, what types of questions are allowed (anything!), and to hear from people at all different stages of this course. At this point, I was definitely hooked, and I’ve powered through the rest of the “Getting Started” videos and am starting the first “real” section later today.

In one of Alex’s notes to me, he mentioned this book he was reading — The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. You know how sometimes you’ve never heard of something, but then — all of a sudden — it’s in your consiousness and you can’t seem to get away from it? This is what happened with this book. Over the course of a couple days, I went from being blind to this book’s existence, to seeing it everywhere (reviews from other bloggers, quick mentions from entrepreneurs I follow, etc.). It seemed like the world was telling me I needed this book, so I ordered one and started reading it as soon as I got it.

I can honestly say that, even though I’m only 75 pages in, The ONE Thing is a gamechanger. Between that and many of the productivity philosophies Alex has shared in the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy, I feel like I’m a new, focused, productivity machine. Of course, I realize this can all be placebo-ish because it’s all new, but the philosophies are simple, the results are already real, and I’m working to make these ideas and practices my habits. I’ll post more on my initial thoughts of The ONE Thing soon and maybe even do a full review once I’m done with it.

I’m feeling hugely inspired by the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy and my new book, The One Thing. All of this is aiming toward the same goal — building my business and building my life. About 10 days into the Alex Jeffreys Coaching Academy, I’m already feeling more focused on my goal and it’s all starting to feel attainable. I’m hoping and planning to make some real progress soon and I’ll continue to share along the way.

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