Link Roundup: 9/5-9/9

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Here are some links that I found interesting, helpful, and/or fascinating this week.

Link Roundup: 9/5-9/9

How Much Money Does it Take to Start an Online Business?

Pat Flynn at makes an appearance again … and he probably will most weeks. This was a fascinating post and got me thinking about ways I can save a little money while I continue to build my blog and brand.


Shout-out to my good friend Tara, once again. I read this post a few weeks ago and re-read it this week. It hits close to home as I’ve been trying to focus my content more lately and have even been thinking about some tweaks to make the site prettier.

Entrepreneur on Fire

I’ve been hearing about John Lee Dumas for a long time, but never really looked into him until this week. He is absolutely fascinating and inspiring. I devoured a bunch of pages on the EOFire site and am excited to start listening to his podcast. I think he and his team will be an incredible resource as I continue to learn what the hell I’m doing.

Strategy 101: Documenting Your Content Strategy

I was sent this article directly from someone at Magnafi to check out. I had never heard of them before and still don’t know too much about them, but this article was a great quick read detailing the importance of documenting your strategy. It’s something I hadn’t thought of before as it’s just me right now and I felt I mostly had a good idea in my head. I mean, I’ve got notes jotted down here and there and my use of CoSchedule certainly keeps me organized, but I think it may be time to really detail my process and strategy out on paper. Then I have a clear vision as I test what does and doesn’t work and can adapt as I go.

Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers: Band has ‘so much more presence now’

This was a great article about Bob Crawford, the bass player in my favorite band (besides the Beatles) – The Avett Brothers. Though, I would argue when the author writes, “…or amplify every instrument for the rousing ‘Ain’t No Man.’” That song is just drums and bass (and vocals). Haha! Her point, though, is completely true. The Brothers have always had so much range, and it’s only grown more extensive with the additional band members over the past few years.

That’s the scoop this week.

Let me know in the comments below or let’s connect on social media if you have any great articles you think I should read!

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