Drive for Uber and Cash in a Referral Bonus When You Sign Up

Lately, a few friends have asked me about what it’s like driving for Uber. Just like nearly every time I’ve been asked this question over the past couple years, it quickly led to them asking how to sign up to drive for Uber and cash in a referral bonus, too. After chatting with these people and doing some searching around the Internet, I realized that there’s still a bunch of folks out there who are interested in driving for Uber. I figured I might as well write about it. Hopefully, I can drop some knowledge on how easy it is to sign up and even get that driver referral bonus.

drive for uber

If you haven’t already, check out this other post I did about driving for Uber and then come back here. The quick version of it is that I decided to drive for Uber back at the end of 2013 and did so for a few months. I then stopped for over a year until last summer and got back into it a little while after I quit my day job. It’s seriously a killer way to really get to know your city, meet some neat people, and spend some precious “down” time making money. As an entrepreneur, time is money and I try to fill my time with things that are going to pay me. What’s neat about driving for Uber is that it’s not a stressful or mundane job. It falls somewhere in the middle where you can still make money for doing something pretty fun.

Whether you “need” the money or not, driving for Uber is a solid way to make extra cash.

drive for uberWhat the Heck is it and Why Would I Want to Drive for Uber?

Uber is an app that you install on your phone that facilitates something called ride-sharing. What that means is that it connects someone with a car, the Driver, with someone who needs a ride, the Rider, so the Rider can get where he or she needs to be and the Driver can make a little money.

Here are a few benefits over a traditional taxi service as a rider:

  • It’s generally far cheaper
  • It’s generally way faster (in my experience – and I use Uber a LOT – I barely wait more than 3-5 minutes for a car to get to my place)
  • It’s safer – not only are the drivers vetted, it’s also a “cashless” system, meaning that the money exchange is done via credit card in the app. Riders don’t have to worry about carrying and handing over cash. Drivers don’t have to worry about carrying a bunch of cash with the possibility of it getting lost or – even worse – getting robbed.

A few benefits for drivers:

  • You’re an independent contractor, so you set your own hours
  • You work as little or as much as you want
  • Feel like taking the week off? Take the week off!
  • Your earnings are pretty much up to you – if you choose the right times and know the tricks for hot spots in your city, you can make a killing

Uber is one of the most popular ride-share apps in the world

Uber is in something like 483 cities across the world and they’re constantly expanding to new markets. The demand is high for rides, which means there’s rarely a dull moment when you drive for Uber. You know what’s nice about that? Not getting bored and making more dough!

Not interested in driving for Uber but want to give it a shot for your next ride?

drive for uberEnter my code 9v3kys and you’ll get $20 off your first ride! Two mini disclaimers, though:

  1. Make sure to do this before you request your trip, otherwise it won’t work. The best way to do it is to just download the app now (App Store, Google Play, etc.) and enter the code. Then it’s all ready for you when you need to take a trip.
  2. This only works for new rider accounts, so if you’ve already signed up and have taken a trip, it won’t work for you. 🙁

Alright. Here’s what you need to sign up to drive for Uber

These are the few vehicle requirements:

  • 2001 or newer car (this may be different in some cities, so make sure to double check when you start the sign-up process)
  • A seatbelt for at least 4 passengers
  • 4 doors
  • Pass a vehicle safety inspection

Pretty standard stuff, eh? Here’s what you need on the personal side:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Personal auto insurance
  • Current registration
  • You must be at least 21 years old

drive for Uber

A little side note for those of you out there who are looking for some work and are interested in driving for Uber, but don’t have a car. Uber actually has some pretty good connections with leasing companies. At quick glance, their leasing program has a $250 down payment and you get a free oil change and tire rotation every 5,000 miles. You can even return the car at any time after the first 30 days if you change your mind. There are no mileage caps and the payments are automatically taken out of your weekly earnings.

Other than that, in some cities you can even rent a car to get started. If you’d rather buy, Uber has hookups for discounts with some of the top car manufacturers. If you’re interested in any of these programs, please let me know in the form below and I’ll be more than happy to send you some more information.

A quick overview of the sign-up process

Here’s a super quick overview of the sign-up process. It’s honestly not much more complicated than this, though. The toughest part will be the waiting for Uber to process the background check and documents, and even that is usually quicker than they say.

  1. Apply to drive for Uber by clicking this link. Be sure to enter my code 9v3kys if you don’t click on the link directly or if doesn’t show up for some reason. Click Here to Drive for Uber!
  2. Create an account.
  3. Fill out some info about your car or truck.
  4. Agree to a background check.
  5. Download the Driver app. They’ll ask you for your phone number, then they’ll text you a link. Follow the directions on the site to download the app (called Uber Partner) and you’ll be all set.
  6. Upload photos of the required documents.
  7. Get your car inspected (free at some Uber offices and local partnered auto shops. Check with your city’s Uber office to find out, or I can help with that if you’d like!)
  8. Wait to hear from them.

Do I have to sign up to drive with your Uber code? Do I have to sign up with any code?

You certainly don’t have to sign up with my code or anyone else’s code to drive for Uber. The downside to that, though, is that you will miss out on a potentially huge Uber driver referral bonus! Right now, it’s up to $750 or higher in some markets after you drive the required amount of trips (usually around 100). That’s free money and you’d be crazy not to use a code!

I also will get a little money if you use my code, so — hopefully — if you’ve found value in this post or anywhere else on my site, you’ll click through to help me out. I’ll be forever appreciative! Plus, once you’ve started driving yourself, you can pass out your code to friends and family who want to drive to make a little extra dough yourself. Oh, and it’s not your money they’re giving me … it’s all theirs!


Click Here to Drive for Uber!


Thought you were interested but over it now?

Remember, if you’re a new user, you can use my code 9v3kys to get up to $20 off your first ride!

One last thing

You may sign up to drive for Uber, do your required trips, and decide you don’t like it. But, who cares? You’ll be $750 richer, plus however much money you make on the trips. It’s like you’ve got nothing to lose!

Here’s the link to sign up for Uber once again and my code, just in case: 9v3kys.


Click Here to Sign Up for Uber!


Please let me know if you have any questions about earning an Uber referral bonus!

I’m more than happy to help and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Oh, and if you’ve already signed up without a code, you’ve got 15 days to sign up retroactively. Hit me up and I’ll help you work that out. We both win!

Referral Code: 9v3kys

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