Quick Update 2/12/16

Here it is, day 2 in my “posting every day no matter how boring it is” quick update series

I made some more progress in my business today and I feel great! My main task for today was to finalize the first bonus offer for the guitar book. After that, I did some more writing in the third bonus (I’m about 80% done with the second) and took care of a few other things relating to freelance and musician work.

After that, my work day took a little break and I went to yoga, ran some errands, and took Walter out.

When I got back, I was ready to rock and I put together the shot list for the images in the third bonus. My wife and I (isn’t that neat I get to say “wife” now?) are going to take pictures and start filming some videos on Monday since she has the day off.

Following that, I bought a new domain to use with the book. I’m not quite ready to reveal the name of the book yet, but stay tuned…

And finally, I went over some stuff with HostGator to lump all of my sites into one hosting plan. Stoked about this because I’ll be saving something like $30-40 a month!

And finally FINALLY, thanks for reading. I do appreciate it.

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  1. Wife ? Wow out of touch for a while … Congratulations ! So happy for you, Meg and Walter… Let’s do lunch when you get a chance between blogging rocking and walking the dog …

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