Guitar Chord Kick-Start: One Day After Launch

Greetings beautiful people!

I’m excited to get back to blogging now that I’ve officially launched Guitar Chord Kick-Start and plan to really dive head-first into it. As I mentioned in another post, I broke many promises to you and to myself in order to finish GCKS.

Specifically, I promised you all back in February that I would be posting every day until I launched.

My plan was to keep you updated on my progress and everything I was working on, day by day, to help keep me accountable and maybe lend a little inspiration to anyone else trying out this type of work.

I failed miserably at those daily posts, and here’s why:

I began hating to blog. It felt forced and far from organic. I never wanted that when I started this blog, and I sure as hell didn’t leave my day job 13 months ago to do something I hated.

Sure, there was the fact that I more or less ditched everything in order to focus entirely on Guitar Chord Kick-Start. I stopped Ubering, stopped doing Postmates, and — to an extent — stopped going out with my friends. I could have (and I’m sure I did) easily justified putting the blog on hold to focus entirely on the guitar book, but I guess I didn’t want to admit that I was hating it. I wanted so badly for it to have the effect on me that I planned — motivating me and keeping me accountable for the work I was doing every day — but it just wasn’t working.

For whatever reason, I was just not into it. It reminded me of that feeling I had in school. You see, I love learning. LOVE it. I tend to obsess about a certain subject and go crazy looking it up and learning everything I can about it for a while. Then I get interested in something different and obsess about that. It’s a cycle I’ve noticed in my life for a long, long time.

But, as much as I love learning new things, the feeling I had in school was this: the second I’m told to read something or do something, I don’t want to do it. I lose interest.

Now, I never thought this consciously, but I’ve always wondered if this was why (subconsciously) I was always so bored in school. I just never liked it. I did well, I just (apparently) hate being told what to do.

Is it an issue with authority? Is it a goofy free spirit thing? I don’t know.

But what I do know is that, somewhere along the line of me trying to work on Guitar Chord Kick-Start and also maintain a presence here, I started to feel forced. Had the PJ who placed these rules and expectations on the blogging PJ become this teacher/authority figure from his past that he disdained and wanted to defy?


Except, I don’t think I’m a defiant person. In fact, I do my best every day to live with love and happiness and just enjoy the ride of life.

I suppose I just really dislike being told what to do. Even though I was the one telling me what to do, I guess I just didn’t like it. I was not Katy Perry kissing a girl.

On to Guitar Chord Kick-Start and getting ready to launch

You may remember that I set a deadline of being completely done with everything tangible by March 8. I legitimately don’t remember, but I think I missed this by about two weeks. Possibly just over.

Regardless, by the end of March, I was done with everything and I started researching and studying the marketing aspect of building an info product. This is probably the most important part of building any product because, as good as it is, if you don’t have an audience or traffic, nothing matters.

For online marketers and infopreneurs, we rely heavily on affiliates. What this means is that someone advertises your product for you and they receive a commission on every sale.

That is a super generalized explanation of how this works, but it’s really the basic rundown of it.

I spent essentially all of April reaching out to affiliates and building relationships, learning how to get this set up along side selling the product, making tweaks to the website, and learning about other advertising (Pay-per-click or “PPC”) platforms.

Primarily, I’m leaning heavily on Facebook right now and am seeing some decent conversion. Just because the product is done and launched now, however, doesn’t mean my work is done and I can sit back.

The Facebook ads will need constant monitoring and tweaking to (continue to) boost conversions, and I’m continuing to look for new affiliates every day. Speaking of which, if you’re interested, email me at and I can walk you through getting on board with that.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now and I’ve got to start getting ready to boogie over to rehearsal for The Boy Who Danced on Air. I’ll tell you more about that show soon and I’ll definitely have more to share about creating Guitar Chord Kick-Start in the coming days as well.

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